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  1. Adding Products

  2. Are you going to add more products to the store?

  3. Attributing Projects

  4. Boost Your Hackster Factor

  5. Can I leave feedback or comment on a project where someone else has already commented?

  6. Can I order as much as I want?

  7. Can I publish my project?

  8. Can you give me the status of my order?

  9. Creating Your Hackathon Team

  10. Did I win? How do I receive my prize?

  11. Do you fulfill absolutely all orders, no questions asked?

  12. Do you ship internationally?

  13. Get Verified

  14. Hackster TV

  15. How do I delete a project?

  16. How do I earn reputation?

  17. How do I edit my name, username, profile picture and the rest of my profile info?

  18. How does shipping work?

  19. How picky should I be?

  20. How to approach peer reviews

  21. I found a bug on your website. Where can I report it?

  22. I just ordered something, when will I receive it?

  23. I published my project but it doesn't appear on the site, why?

  24. I think my reputation hasn't updated... What's going on?

  25. Launch Strong: A Guide for New Platforms

  26. Moderating Projects

  27. Product Guidelines

  28. So you're sharing my data?

  29. Templates: What's the difference between a project and an article?

  30. The Hackster Free Store

  31. Toolbox

  32. What are project moderators?

  33. What criteria should I use?

  34. What does it mean to be a pre-contest winner?

  35. What happens if I don't agree with guidelines?

  36. What happens when I publish my project?

  37. What if I don't want my projects and profile to show on these sites?

  38. What if I think a different template should be used?

  39. What should I review?

  40. What To Publish

  41. What's a curated list?

  42. What's a hacker space hub?

  43. What's a platform hub?

  44. What's a whitelabel community site exactly?

  45. What's the "Buy all" button in the components section of projects?

  46. What's the Hackster (Free) Store?

  47. When should I reject a project?

  48. Why do I see different reputation counts on different pages?

  49. Will my full profile appear on whitelabel community sites?

  50. Will my private information be visible to anyone else?

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